Please read this Refund Policy carefully and in its entirety to ensure you understand what refunds you are or are not entitled to as a result of engaging in JesusBeat products and services.

If you have purchased access to JesusBeat Website’s valuable resources, tools, and benefits (e.g., advertising space), a refund will not be issued if you decide to cancel your listing with JesusBeat before the account expiration date.

Should you decide (for whatever reason) to discontinue your access to JesusBeat websites and your organization’s directory listing, you acknowledge that it will be your responsibility to contact JesusBeat via the “Contact Us” link on the JesusBeat Website or by email to terminate your subscription with JesusBeat. You understand that you are bound by the renewal requirements listed in the JesusBeat listing(s) you purchase.

By making a purchase of JesusBeat products and services, you agree that you have read over any rules and guidelines on the webpage of the item or service being purchased, including JesusBeat’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

You understand that JesusBeat holds a firm no refund policy after registration for a product or service, or related to any fees for creating a listing on the JesusBeat Website. Failure to use the purchase you have made is at your discretion and you are not able to hold JesusBeat accountable.

If you have paid for products and services from JesusBeat related to an event that you are hosting and your event is cancelled, the payment plan fee will not be refunded.

There are no exceptions made to these policies.