My name is Sandrine and I live in a small country in Africa called Cameroon. It is a pleasure and a blessing to contribute to The Move,’s blog. This section, which will be written either in English or in French, is intentionally titled CHANGER. In both languages that word expresses the idea of change, the essence of the Christian walk and mission in my opinion. As believers, we are to be changed and we are to be agents of change around us. The status quo isn’t part of God’s equation for the Church. We’re talking about a revolution! People, places, circumstances, from families to nations, from cultures to ideas and actions, ALL can be, should be affected and impacted by the presence of true followers of Jesus Christ. It happened in the first century and throughout the history of mankind; why not now once again? Why not through you and me? Why not where we live, in our communities, workplaces, schools, gyms, streets, restaurants…? There are tons of needs, countless desperate situations, millions of lost and broken souls. Should not the GOSPEL transform, heal, confront, set free, mobilize and lead forward men, women and children in this generation, on our watch?